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For residents in southern Maine and New Hampshire who are hoping to achieve dramatic energy savings of 70 -90% with new home construction, Passive House may be the answer to your dreams of energy independence and superior comfort. STP Home Performance has expanded their efficiency service and expertise to offer Passive House construction in the greater Wells, York, and Portsmouth areas through Energy Efficient Homes or EEH.

What is Passive House?

First developed in Germany, this international building standard designs a home that takes full advantage of passive solar heating, highly effective insulation, site orientation, and triple-paned windows to reduce the cost of heating and cooling by 85% or more. Passive House design provides a platform for homeowners to develop their own vision of high quality, efficient construction that requires very little added energy for a comfortable home. These homes often feature heat-storing floors of concrete or stone, south facing windows, and highly efficient heat exchangers and heat pumps for heating and cooling.

Can My Home Be a Passive House?

Early construction of Passive House designs have attracted many local families looking for long-term energy savings; but the cost for construction included many high-end imported windows and doors to achieve the Passive House goals. Like many energy efficiency advocates, STP Home Performance wanted to provide stellar home performance to families with more moderate budgets and more relaxed lifestyles. 

Where Can I Tour a Passive House?

STP Home Performance is constructing a Passive House using cutting edge technology of heat pumps and heat pump air exchanger coupled with superior air sealing and high performance insulation. For this project, we selected a contemporary 2000 sqft Ranch built on a frost wall and slab with 6" of spray foam beneath. This design features a three bedroom, two bath, open concept floor plan with a first floor master suite and optional cathedral ceilings in kitchen and master bedroom. We’ve oriented the home to take advantage of southern solar exposure and incorporated top-notch insulation, ventilation, windows & doors to complete this comfortable and beautiful home.

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