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You’re on your way to purchasing a new home! Many aspects about a new home will factor into your purchase, including location, size, amenities, and condition. Just as importantly, your new home’s overall performance can affect — positively or negatively — your energy costs, comfort, health and safety. If you want to save money in energy costs over the years that you own your home, it’s important to make the right energy efficiency improvements now.


The experts at STP Home Performance have been helping homeowners in southern Maine and along New Hampshire’s Seacoast understand and improve their homes while reducing energy costs, improving indoor air quality, and keeping comfortable all year long.

Know Before You Buy!

Most homebuyers conduct a general home inspection to determine structural and mechanical conditions, along with tests for radon, pests, and other house related issues. But while these general home inspectors have some knowledge of insulation and other home performance elements, homebuyers in the York, South Berwick, and Dover, NH areas can get a more complete energy efficiency picture with our walk-through energy evaluation. This preliminary review includes a blower door test and thermal imaging to assess the home’s airtightness.


This inexpensive non-invasive scaled-down energy audit can identify potential efficiency problems, including:

  • Poor or insufficient insulation

  • Gaps and missing insulation

  • Air leaks behind walls


With informed energy performance information in hand, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate the best outcome for your needs.

Improve New Home Performance

Even relatively new homes can benefit from a comprehensive home energy audit conducted by our certified energy experts. Our menu of home energy audit options can provide real money-saving solutions to improve your new home’s energy efficiency, upgrade comfort, and provide a list of prioritized options along with estimated investments and long-term savings. We also work closely with Efficiency Maine to ensure that available incentives for testing and efficiency improvements are fully realized.


Depending on your home’s needs, the STP Home Performance assessment tools include:


  • Basic Energy Audit — Identifies areas of poor efficiency energy loss and air leakage. Includes a blower door test, infrared imaging, written report, priorities list with potential savings to investment return calculations.

  • Comprehensive Energy Evaluation — Adds energy modeling, heating and cooling diagnostics, and deep scope analysis to the Basic Energy Audit.

  • Platinum Energy Evaluation — An in-depth analysis and evaluation designed to identify detailed work scope, including energy savings estimates, material and installation cost breakdown, indoor air quality recommendations, and design/build estimates.

  • Energy Modeling — Analyzes heating and cooling equipment to ensure effective and efficient sizing.

Effective New Home Efficiency Improvements

Many new home buyers want to invest in energy efficiency improvements that deliver big savings for minimal costs. With your energy audit information in hand, the efficiency pros at STP Home Performance can recommend low cost fixes with big impact. Some of the best investments for new home owners include:

Air Sealing DoorwayAttic Duct WorkFiberglass Insulation
  • Basement Encapsulation

Encapsulated BasementMini-Split Heat Pump with Remote

In the market for a new home? We can help you make smart energy efficiency choices. Call (207) 831-0679 or contact us today to talk to our home efficiency experts!

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