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What is a Home Performance Energy Evaluation and Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit or Home assessment includes an inspection of the air barrier and thermal barrier of your home and how it can be improved by air sealing and insulation upgrades.   Tools used to evaluate such measures are known as the blower door test and infrared scan. The tighter your home and better insulated it is, the less money you will spend on energy use and the more comfortable you will be. Air quality is also taken into account and recommendations are made in areas of mechanical ventilation and boiler and furnace safety. The energy audit also includes an evaluation and analysis of the energy consumption of all fuels and heating and cooling equipment, mechancial systems, appliances used in the home and water consumption. We evaluate efficiency and safety of these system components. Efficiency recommendations can be made after the energy analysis is complete. 

Home Performance evaluation and Energy Audit components:

  • Air Sealing- Holes, gaps and cracks in your building can mean that cold air enters in and warm air leaks out. The less air leaks in your home means less BTU’s needed to heat your home.
  • Insulation- The type, amount, location, installation methods and quality affects the performance and ability to keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer.
  • Indoor air Quality and Ventilation- Many things affect indoor air quality including boilers and furnaces emitting Carbon Monoxide, VOC’s, mold and mildew, insulation and animal pollutants and lack of mechanical ventilation
  • Appliances and lighting- Are important pieces of the energy and water consumption of your home.
  • Mechanical Systems- Heating and cooling appliances can be energy hogs and be harmful to the air quality of your home. The efficiency and safety of your heating equipment is evaluated.
  • Occupant Behavior or Consumption Habits- play a big role in how much energy and water your home uses and consumes.

Home Performance Evaluation Report

Customized to each home, gives a detailed analysis of the performance of your home based on the components above and the priorities of what to address first.

Energy Modeling

Determines current energy usage and projected energy usage and savings after improvements. 

Test out or 3rd Party Verification

This is a final follow up test usually done on the last day of completion of the work to verify the leakage rate and energy measures have been installed and are performing. Costs can vary and is usually determined up front.

Project Management and Contracting Services

Building a new house or remodeling? Project management and oversight of the installation of efficiency products are important factors in achieving the most savings and improving maximum comfort of your home. Be sure to consider certified or accredited contractors who carry the appropriate licenses and insurance for the job. Experience and knowledgeable people play a big role in achieving good results. 

What is the Cost of an Energy Audit?

Due to the varying needs of our clients, we offer a tiered system of energy audits to fit the needs of our customers. As a matter of practice, we offer a free intial phone consultation if you need some initial questions answered.  See below for energy audit levels and pricing:                  (pricing up to 2000 sqft)

  • $425 - Basic Energy Audit: Includes basic overall whole house analysis, basic Infrared pictures and blower door testing. (Most popular and includes Energy Audit Report with Priorities list including SIR (Savings to Investment information) basic energy model with costs and savings estimates.
  • $275 - Walk-through Energy Evaluation / baseline blower door and Infrared imaging with basic priorities. (No Energy modeling, SIR or report included)
  • $500 -$550 - Comprehensive energy evaluation (includes basic energy audit plus in-depth work scope and extensive energy modeling / Heat Load Calculations.       Includes Infrared pictures with specifics and details of problem areas, full diagnostic / heating system testing and indoor air quality review / reccomendations) 
  • $650-$900 - Platinum energy audit (includes comprehensive energy evaluation, plus a detailed work scope including energy savings estimates, material and installation cost breakdown, further indoor air quality information and recommendations, and design/build estimates -- perfect for the homeowner interested in a deep energy retrofit or comprehensive energy reduction package).
  • Energy Modeling / Manual J Load sizing & Heating / Cooling Equipment Sizing:  Call for pricing.

How long does an Energy Audit Take?

The visual inspection and diagnostic testing takes 2 – 4 hours at the home. The numerical analysis and report-writing makes up the rest of the process and is completed within one -two weeks.

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