Heat Pump in Snow

Heat pumps offer homeowners in southern York County, Maine, and along New Hampshire’s Seacoast an easy way to improve comfort and energy efficiency without expensive or disruptive retrofitting. Often called ductless or mini-split heat pumps, these efficient HVAC units provide both heating, cooling, and dehumidification at the touch of a button.

How Do Ductless Heat Pumps Work?

Ductless heat pumps offer easy installation with little disruption to your existing heating and cooling system. Rather than using bulky ductwork to move conditioned air, a mini-split heat pump uses an exterior heat pump unit connected via a refrigerant line to an interior air handler.


Heat pumps work on the same principle as a kitchen refrigerator to extract heat and move it into or out of the house as desired. In the winter, they move low-temperature outdoor heat indoors to provide gentle, toasty heat — which you can access at any time with the touch of a button.


Because heat pumps use already-existing heat along with electricity to provide heat, they are extremely efficient. In fact, a heat pump can produce around 3kW of thermal energy for every 1kW of electrical energy it consumes.

Heat Pumps to Handle Maine Winters

STP Home Performance installs Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps because their advanced technology can handle the very cold weather we experience in Kennebunk, South Berwick, Portsmouth, and the surrounding areas. Unlike conventional heat pumps that lose heating power as the temperature drops, Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps feature Hyper Heating that works at 76% efficiency at temperatures down to -13° F — more than enough to heat Maine winter days and nights.

Cooling Mini-Splits Take on Hot Summers

Because heat pumps also provide cooling, even the most traditional Maine homeowner can enjoy cooling to make those humid summer days and nights comfortable.


Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps offer the flexibility to target individual bedrooms, guest rooms, or new additions without the expense of installing bulky ductwork. They also have easy-to-understand controls, with temperature settings, timers, and the ability to configure the air flow in any direction. Plus, cleaning the reusable filters is a breeze — just open the air handler, snap out the two flexible filters, rinse and dry, then reposition in the air handler.

Incentives to Upgrade

As a long-time Efficiency Maine partner, the heat pump pros at STP Home Performance can help you take advantage of the heat pump rebates of up to $750 in your home. Installation is easy, and usually takes less than a day to get your heat pump installed and saving energy! Plus you’ll save energy and money over life of your heat pump.

Passive House Heat Pumps

Passive Houses are designed to need little heating or cooling, which is why we opt to include a mini-split heat pump in the design to handle those extra hot  sunny days or cold cloudy days. The flexibility of ductless heat pumps allows for maximum effectiveness with minimal BTUs.

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