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We are excited to work with Unity Homes to build their highly energy efficient homes with a focus on using green materials, improved indoor air quality, and abundant comfort.

Unity Homes Redefine “Well Built”

Unity Homes was founded on the goal to build high performance homes using technology and techniques gathered from around the world. Their manufacturing facility based in Walpole, NH creates homes based on pre-assembled construction. This technique builds each home wall and roof component in an environmentally controlled facility using optimal amounts of insulation and materials. Using this technology, baseline Unity Homes achieve energy savings of 85% as compared to conventional homes. Unity Homes are made to emphasize these four areas:

  • Energy Efficiency

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Unity Homes achieve energy savings of 85% as compared to conventional homes. When paired with solar panels, Unity Homes can achieve a “net zero” level of efficiency, producing more energy that they consume. The walls are constructed with continuous insulation to minimize heat loss through thermal bridging.

  • Green Materials

Blown Cellulose Insulation

Unity Homes starts with sustainable wood structural components and cellulose insulation. The manufacturing process uses advanced computer controls to design the maximum house using the minimum amount of wood. Because 60% of the home is built in our warehouse, Unity can tightly control material usage.

  • Healthy Home

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Unity Homes’ focus on indoor air quality uses advanced ventilation to keep air clean and fresh. Other healthy home approaches include an abundance of light, financial strategies to reduce stress, quiet living through sound reduction, and pest prevention with tightly sealed construction.

  • Comfort

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Unity Homes address many levels of comfort, keeping indoor spaces within a narrow range of temperature and humidity. Unity Home customers like the comfort they achieve by living healthy and worry-free in their homes.

Your Independent Contractor for Unity Homes

STP Home Performance will work as an independent contractor to assist homebuyers with plan selection, design, complete assembly, and finishing. We’ll employ Unity Home’s proprietary technology to assure a tight, energy efficient, and well-sealed home. Our expertise and experience in upgrading and enhancing home performance has informed our construction practices to build your beautiful Unity Home.

Get Started with Unity Homes Designs

Unity Homes has tapped into classic home styles in developing their selection of plans. These four styles with additional modified options allow homeowners in southern York County, Maine, and along the New Hampshire Seacoast, including York, Wells, South Berwick, and Portsmouth, the ability to expand as their family evolves over time. From classic Cape Cod to farmhouse, colonial to contemporary, Unity Homes has a plan and layout that will suit your lifestyle and your budget. Begin your Unity Homes exploration here.

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