We are excited to work with Bright Built to build their highly energy efficient homes with a focus on using green materials, improved indoor air quality, and abundant comfort.

Energy Efficient Homes (EEH) & Bright Built Homes (BBH) Redefine “Well Built”

Homes can be custom built on site or Factory Built with Modular and Panelized Technology. Using this technology, baseline Homes can achieve energy savings of 70%- 85% as compared to conventional homes. Bright Built Homes are made to emphasize these four areas:

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows and doors

Homes can be built to save 70-80% of the energy of a conventional code built home. When paired with solar panels, Energy Efficient homes can achieve “net zero” level of efficiency, producing more energy that they consume. The walls are constructed with continuous insulation to minimize heat loss through thermal bridging. Windows and doors are a critical piece of the energy puzzle.

  • Green Materials

healthy safe building materials make homeowners happy

Homes start with sustainable wood structural components and cellulose insulation. Earth-friendly materials can be sourced for all home components. 

  • Healthy Home

healthy home and functional mudroom

Indoor air quality is a high priority and advanced ventilation with MERV 13 & 14 filter options and UV options to combat Covid.  Heat Pump options and capabilities are also possible with built in Heat Pump capabilites. Our systems are superior to any other and keep indoor air clean and fresh. 

  • Comfort

high efficiency fireplace hygge

EEH & BBH address many levels of comfort, keeping indoor spaces within a narrow range of temperature and humidity.  Customers enjoy the comfort they achieve by living healthy and worry-free in their homes.

Your Independent Contractor for Bright Built Homes

Energy Efficient Homes is your independent contractor to assist homebuyers with plan selection, design, complete build and finishing. Whether custom built or modular construction, we ensure a tight, energy efficient, and well-sealed home. Our expertise and experience in upgrading and enhancing home performance has informed our construction practices to build your beautiful Home.

Get Started with Bright Built Home Designs

Bright Built Homes established pre-designed plans and modified options to allow homeowners in southern York County, Maine, and along the New Hampshire Seacoast, including York, Wells, South Berwick, and Portsmouth, the ability to build their dream home. From the classic Cape Cod to farmhouse, colonial to contemporary, Bright Built Homes has a plan and layout that will suit your lifestyle and your budget. Begin your Bright Built Homes exploration here.

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