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Energy efficient home construction is both a science and an art. We’ve honed our home performance skills and techniques helping homeowners improve their existing home energy efficiency through energy audits and retrofitting. We apply those skills to new construction in southern York County, Maine, and along the New Hampshire Seacoast. Energy Efficient Homes builds energy efficient homes, drawing on years of experience and insights gained from energy efficiency leadership for best practices.

Our Approach to Energy Efficient Home Construction

We use time tested and innovative approaches to achieve home performance that reduces your energy consumption, and to create a safer, healthier and more comfortable living space for your family.

We have two paths to fulfill your high efficiency residential construction, and both result in an efficient, comfortable home you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Builder of Bright Built Homes

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Energy Efficient Homes is proud to partner as an authorized independent builder with Bright Built Homes, where cutting edge energy efficiency is within reach for every homeowner.  Bright Built Homes are designed to offer stress-free, consciously designed homes that use minimal to no fossil fuels — in construction and in living — providing an ease of living and comfort at affordable prices.

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Using Passive House standards, EEH offers our customers well-designed homes that are built on site to custom specs or inside climate controlled modular home factory and then assembled on site. In assembling, our crew uses double gasket connections and advanced air sealing practices to ensure the home envelope is airtight and energy efficient.

EEH homes offer extremely low energy consumption, and when paired with solar photovoltaic panels, they transition into a net zero configuration where more energy is produced than consumed.

Passive House Construction

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Passive House Construction uses the sun and superb insulation to create a comfortable and highly efficient home. An international building standard developed in Germany by the Passive House Institute (PHI), it uses several strict performance requirements for new building construction. The goal is an approximately 90% reduction in heating and cooling energy usage and as much as 75% reduction in primary energy usage compared to conventional new construction. EEH uses Passive House expertise to combine design, insulation, triple-paned windows, and air sealing measures to construct these extraordinary homes.

Considering new energy efficient home construction in the greater York, South Berwick, or Portsmouth areas? A Passive House design could be the answer you’re looking for! Call (207) 831-0679 or contact us today to start your new home conversation.

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