Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If we didn't get to yours below, please contact us and we'll try our hardest to answer it!

How Long does the Energy Evaluation/Audit take?

The Energy Evaluation typically takes 2-4 hours on site and up to 2 weeks for the analysis report and energy modeling data.

Is it safe to be home during the blower door test?

Yes, we prefer to have at least one homeowner on site to participate and answer questions. The blower door test depressurizes the home to simulate a 25 mph wind providing valuable data on how leaky the home is and enables us to identify leaks and thermal deficiencies with the infrared tool. It is important to turn off the atmospheric boilers, furnaces and woodstoves before the testing begins.

Why should I use STP Home Performance?

We will give you an unbiased and independent analysis of the best solutions for your home. We are only selling our expertise as services and not pushing any particular products, giving you the best advice possible. We have an extensive background in building science and design, new construction, remodeling, renovations, drainage systems, landscape, and modular and systems built construction giving you a much more in depth understanding of your whole house as a system. Please contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a service.

Do you use IR (Infrared) or Thermal cameras?

In most cases we will use these tools to help identify air leakage and insulation deficiencies if the temperature difference is great enough.

Will you come back to re-evaluate my home after work has been done?

A "test out" or follow up inspection allows us to do a final inspection of the work that has been done and the blower door reading gives us the information needed for program compliance, acceptable indoor air quality measures and boiler and furnace safety tests. This is normally an additional service and is determined up front.

How do I learn more about the Efficiency Maine Weatherization Program and incentives?

Go to and click on "Efficiency Maine Weatherization Program".

Efficiency Maine Weatherization Program FAQ’s:

How do I get started?

First steps include contacting us and filling out a questionnaire to aquire basic information and confirm a price for the Energy Evaluation and Audit. We can then schedule a date for the evaluation.

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