Deep Energy Retrofits

deep energy retrofit

What is a Deep Energy Retrofit?

A deep energy retrofit is an energy reduction project that is projected to reduce the energy consumption of a building by more than 50%. (While some define a deep energy retrofit as a project that reduces energy by 70% or more, actual energy savings may vary, depending largely on occupant behavior and other factors.) However defined, it is a comprehensive, whole-house energy retrofit that seriously tackles your home's energy consumption by focusing on improvements in the building envelope and mechanical systems, and a concurrent emphasis on improving indoor air quality and ventilation.

What Does a Deep Energy Retrofit Entail? 

The specifics of a deep energy retrofit can vary from project to project, but common home energy improvements included in a deep energy retrofit include: 

  • Attic air sealing & cellulose insulation
  • Exterior rigid foam insulation
  • Crawlspace encapsulation & basement insulation
  • Blown in cellulose wall insulation
  • Spram foam insulation (most commonly in the basement or crawlspace)
  • Energy efficient windows
  • High efficiency heating & cooling equipment
  • Heat Recovery or Energy Recovery Ventilation (HRV, ERV)

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a deep energy retrofit varies from house to house, depending on the building's current energy efficiency, square footage, and more factors. However, a deep energy retrofit is unique among home improvements in that it saves you money over time on heating, cooling and other energy bills. While the "payback" of a granite countertop may be hard to calculate, for example (particularly if you don't intent on selling your home in the near future), the payback of a deep energy retrofit can be attractive when looked at over the long term. 

Additionally, there are many rebate and incentive programs that can greatly reduce the upfront cost of a deep energy retrofit, making it an attractive investment in the short term as well as the long term. 

For more information about what takes place during a deep energy retrofit, feel free to contact us today.